About us

Here at Joanna K Cosmetics, we believe in freedom of expression. Expression of your ideas, expression of your inner power, and most importantly, expression of your true self. If one of your forms of self-expression is makeup, then we give you the right tools to do it! For you, we go above and beyond beauty products.

We seek to inspire and support you and to always remind you how fierce you are! How? Through our products and our messages, we encourage you to be your most authentic self, to live big and unapologetically and to unleash your inner power! We believe in you, and we believe in getting you to believe in yourself. This is the spirit of Joanna K Cosmetics, instilled by our founder Joanna Kinuthia as she pours her heart and soul into the company, and into you!

So be brave, be bold, and stay beautiful; Glow Getter!